Captain America Action Figure

Captain America Action Figure made by Diamond Select that rebirth Marvel’s most well known hero character which has made so many accomplishments for Marvel since the first appearance back to the year of 70’s. Actually, there are so many hero characters created by Marvel, but Captain America represents the best action figure with plain identity of American hero figure. The Captain America Action Figure has made available by Diamond Select to give the best choice from a wide range action of figure toys, especially for Captain America big fan. The toy is great to use as playing set and will stand charmingly in the tables of the collectors.

The Diamond Select Captain America Action Figure surely looks incredible which is one again re-introduced in the form toy figure. Bring back the memory of his glory represented by plenty of interesting quality that Diamond Select provides. The toy figure of Captain America looks good from many angles including the material, the color, and the accessories which are included in the box. The toy figure is very well shaped and delivered in a sturdy figure. The body is fully painted in bright colors and the good thing is that the toy has many possible pose and position since the knees, shoulders, neck, elbows, and many other parts of the body are composed in a form of hinges. All the articulation points are neatly built up to deliver the tight and without the unnecessary gaps.

The painting part of the figure was done by using the combination of dry brushing and washes. The colors are bright and original, imitating the color of the original appearance of Captain America in the series. With this small size figure, painting task can be difficult. However, Diamond Select managed to get Captain America looks as powerful as the real character by making a good combination of the paint and the muscular body of Captain America. The result is the dynamic looking and fit –to-real-world colors toy figure.

The package includes some accessories including weapon, shields, and helmet replacement also removable holster for the captain. The weapon is an old one named Thompson Machine gun. The movie was indeed provides more scene reflecting the past.

One thing that the collector cannot miss is the original Shield shaped and owned by Captain America only. The shield gives the impression of strong armor painted in the color of American flag.

Captain America Action Figure details and specification:

Highly detailed, accurately duplicate the original character. The figure has 16 points of articulation and is fully painted. The product dimensions are: 7 x 4 x 4 inches ; 1 pounds. Shipping weight only 1.1 pounds.

The most easily recognized American hero named Captain America was actually introduced long time ago in the year of 70’s. Now, Diamond Select has produced the Captain America Action Figure which is originally created by Marvel in the details and color which are not disappointing. The American hero character is very well shaped and is able to pose in many positions.

Captain America The First Avenger Movie Action Figure is perfect as both playing toy and collectors stuff.It is available right now pretty much everywhere online, you can find it on Amazon, Ebay, and others you can buy it from Your favorite store too – it is in stock and ready to pick at Target, Wal-Mart, BestBuy and a few more brick and mortal stores.